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August 2nd

Wood Flooring Replacement - April 2017

  • Pictures of damaged joints

  • Wood removal in dining room

  • Wood removal in the "Great Room" and breakfast area

  • Woood removal in kitchen area

  • Kitchen area before surface prep

  • Hallway area before surface prep

  • Hallway area preped

  • New flooring being laid in the Great Room

  • New flooring being laid in the hallway

  • Polishing the new flooring

  • Dining Room with new flooring

  • Kitchen with new flooring

The wood flooring has been replaced in our house this week due to some damaged plank joints. This meant that we have had to vacate about half of the house. Mr. Butterscotch (our cat) noticed a lot of hammering being done and remained cooped up in our bedroom. First the old flooring had to be removed, then the surface prepared, the new flooring installed and finally the shoe molding replaced. Now we have a nice new floor!

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    Eusebius of Vercelli
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Papal Feast Days (Aug 02)
(Roman Catholic Church)

    St. Stephen I
       Papal reign from May 12, 254 to August 2, 257

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