How To Log Into The MRBSTAMPS Website

1. Click on the login button found on the upper right hand corner of the mrbstamps home page.
    The login screen will then appear.

2. Enter your login name and password, then click on the Login button.
        Forgot your password? Click here for email.
        Need a new password assignment? Contact Mr. Butterscotch.
    You will then return to the home page of the mrbstamps website.
    Note that login button in the upper right hand corner has now changed to a logout button.
3. If you click on the Menu tab of the menu bar on the mrbstamps home page the screen will change to the menu page. You will see your name and current IP Address in the left hand corner of the menu page. The menu page will differ depending on web page links assigned to your login.

4. Clicking on the logout button simply signs you out of the mrbstamp website.