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Mr. Butterscotch's Tea Chatter


Mr. Butterscotch is a demanding cat! As he gets older, he gets even more demanding! (06/07/2019 - MJL)

First of summer. Training caps for football season will be starting in another month or so. Oh the things to look forward toward! (06/03/2019 - MJL)

It has been a long time since I posted anything. Been busy developing website for Vatican Philatelic Society. I'll have to start adding a backlog of things to this website. (05/23/2019 - MJL)  Vatican Philatelic Society'>click here for additional info

Another month and spring will be here. YEA!! I'm already looking forward to sitting on the back porch. (02/03/2019 - MJL)

Marvin got a new computer but after two days he had problems with it. After several days of talking with HP Tech Support the computer is being sent to HP for repairs. The computer could not run the software system recovery successfully. (11/16/2018 - MJL)

Yes it is time to vote again! Our website content is not meant to be political. We simply want to encourage everyone to vote. While we may not like to outcome, we will accept the views of the majority and live with it. However to get to that majority viewpoint everyone needs to do the civic duty and vote. Please get out and vote this fall! (10/15/2018 - MJL)

Aha, the start of a new football season! Anything is possible, championships are for the winning! However, I not betting the Houston Texans will be playing in the 2019 Supper Bowl. Hope NFL payers are more interested in playing football than making political statements this year. I do know how to change the channel on the TV. (08/16/2018 - MJL)

We were glad to learn that Baylor University in Waco has honored JJ Watt with an honorary doctor degree for his fund raising for Hurricane Harvey. I guess those close to him can now call him Doctor JJ and the rest of us Doctor Watt. (05/31/2018 - MJL)

The wife claims the cat is good because he never leaves the light on in the closet. (05/25/2018 - )

It's WONDERFUL to go the garden and pick blackberries!! (05/25/2018 - )

J.J. Watt continues to make Houston proud! I read in the newspaper that he is offering to pay funeral expenses for the those killed in the Santa Fe school shooting. Hope JJ and the Texans have a great season this year! (05/19/2018 - )

I've read in the newspaper that some teachers are going to their state legislatures to demand more pay, better school facilities in which to teach, and additionally health care facilities. Since most Katy School election voters are teachers and school staff, I can only believe the teachers get exactly what THEY have voted for, including voting for board member who voted to buy out the superintendents contact, paying him $700,000 severance. (05/19/2018 - )

Voter turnout for public school related elections is not very high. An very high percentage of the voters are school employees. Recently one school employee voter came to vote in our school board election and asked the poll workers if anyone could vote or if only school employees were allowed to vote. She wanted to make sure her husband voted, if the election was open to all voters. I guess if voting in school elections was restricted to only school employees it would be easier for the school districts control school boards and to pass large bonds that are paid for thru homeowner property taxes. (05/02/2018 - MJL)

It's not the economy, stupid! It's the news media …. (04/16/2018 - MJL)

We just finished working the spring Party Primary elections here in Texas. It is amazing how many voters have no idea what a Party Primary election is about. This makes one wonder if they ever took high school civics. Some voters see that an election is being held and go to the polls with no idea who they will be voting for. Well, that seems to support Mary's doctors who have told us, that most folks don't use one forth of their brain. (03/07/2018 - MJL)

Yesterday my wife and I were in the garden, planting some potatoes. I spaced out the seed potatoes on one of the garden rows and she uttered the word "perfect" in an affirmative voice tone. Ever since, I've been trying to figure out what I did wrong or if she is not feeling well and should we should take he to the doctor. (02/16/2018 - MJL)

Note to Houston Texans: "Next Season" has already started! It would be nice if the Texans would be playing football in January of 2019. (02/05/2018 - MJL)

Spring elections are coming but most folks probably not making sure they have their voters certificates in hand. Thank goodness that voting can be done with you drivers license! (02/03/2018 - MJL)

How many Chase bank employees does one have to talk with to get a password issue resolved that their system/people caused?
This week it took me talking with sixteen different Chase employees and three trips to a local Chase bank to get resolution. I spent two very frustrating days to get two of sixteen Chase bank employees to step forward and stay with the issue until it was resolved. This is not a good way to run a service company, NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE! (01/12/2018 - MJL)

Mr. B gets up early in the morning, gets his food bowl filled, has a morning snack, then he likes to take a nap. It is all about getting the objectives done! (01/09/2018 - MJL)